All about the experience

Here at Pinnacle we are a firm believers that it is not just the property that makes your vacation special, it is the experience. Whether you're checking in at 3am or just want someone to run over to your home and make sure the lights are off, we are there for you. When there is an issue it goes straight to the top and we deal with it. It all comes down the client relationship and experience because without you we would not exist. This is your "escape to the mountains."

About us

With such a large number of vacation homes and rentals in the Park City area we saw an opportunity to help provide amazing vacations to those visiting the town and surrounding areas. With backgrounds in hotel and property management as well as luxury standards we felt like it was time to take the "5 star hotel service" home. We live in this town for the same reasons you vacation here, and we want to make the best of your experience.